Distribution to MSO’s

Qezy™ TV Cloud broadcast enables broadcaster to distribute TV signals to MSO’s, LCO’s & DTH operators. Our innovative cloud solutions helps you to reduce you distribution cost without using traditional Satellite or Fiber optics solutions.

Distribution to MSO’s Unique Features

Point to Multipoint

Point to Multipoint

Multi Bitrate

Multi bitrate to avoid buffering during bandwidth fluctuations


Dedicated Dashboard to monitor STB’s Status


Works with standard system encoder


Uplink Contribution

Qezy™ TV Uplink is a revolutionary new technology changing the way video contribution is achieved globally. Uplink replaces the need for expensive satellite or video fiber allowing broadcast signals to distribute globally over the Internet

Uplink Contribution Unique Features

Point to Point

Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Point to Consumer


1+1 redundancy support, to handle bandwidth fluctuations

Optimization Technology

Throughput optimization technology that cleans up Internet connections enabling global reach

Flexible & Cost

Works with standard encoders and playout devices & Reduces your investments by 50% for global satellite contribution


Push-Play Media™

Push-Play Media is a revolutionary solution to play VOD & Live videos with added scrolling & Layers. It helps in indoor & outdoor digital advertising. Dedicated cloud distributes your video & text files to targeted STB’s

Push-Play Media™ Unique Features


Plays video flies from local storage or Live

Live Dashboard

Dedicated live dashboard to push Live, VOD, Text files instantly


Works with minimum bandwidth

Multiple Screens & Analytics

Target multiple Screens with Same or multiple content & Proof of play with analytics

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